The EFA La Malvesía adds new steps forward in terms of its support from the institutions within the numerous European projects in which it represents all of Spain. In this case, it has been in the EPLUG (European Platform For Urban Greening) project, which seeks to increase the knowledge and skills necessary to address biodiversity, climate change and human well-being in the urban green environment, as well as to broaden the experience between professionals in Europe. Both the EFA la Malvesía and the Paimed company are the only Spanish representatives in this project, and thereupon everything that is developed here is very important, because it will mark the future of this sector in the coming years in Spain.

The activities, which began last November, will now also have the support of two new personalities who are part of the Valencian Autonomous Government: Celsa Monrós, general director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, and Laura Ferri, head of the Professional Training and Qualifications Management Service of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports. Both will be part of the so-called ‘Board of Advisors’, a group made up of representatives elected from among the six countries that make up the platform and whose mission will be to contribute to the external evaluation of the quality of the project. 

The entire EPLUG programme, subsidised with ERASMUS + funds from the European Union, intensifies the collaboration between VET schools, companies and public administration, in order to work and respond to educational needs together with the technical skills to face the challenges that show up within the European green sector.